1. Hamisar Awareness campaign was done during Janmashtami fair

Stalls were installed in the said fair held in year 2006 on 3rd  and 4th 2006  under the said movement by HSSS and ACT near Hamirsar lake. The chief object of this stall was to give proper understanding and information to the people in respect of importance of Hamirsar lake and catchment area where rainy water is accumulated, and to get opinions of the various people regarding. Hamirsar pond. And after obtaining the said opinions, organizing future the action for protecting Hamirsar water. The said stall was inangurated by Shri Pushpadanbhai Gadhvi. The following materials were kept in the said stall.

  • Greenbelt model based on devots (west water treatment plant) which was prepared by the craft school with co-operation of municipality and kept behind the Banker’s colony.
  • Booklet on Hamirsar lake covering various catchments with complete information.
  • T-shirts with printed message prepared for spreading of the message among the people regarding Hamirsar lake.
  • Various posters and written messages.

Seven questions were put before the people to know their thoughts and ideas about Hamirsar, and one register was kept over there to obtain their short-brief opinions in that register.

Q.1.  What action have to be taken by the people for Hamirsar?

Q.2   What actions  have to be taken by the women?

Q.3   Students duty towards Hamirsar

Q.4   Duty of religious institutions towards Hamirsar

Q.5   What actions have to be taken by the administration wing (collector office)

Q.6   What would you do at your personal level.

Q.7   What is your ideology about Hamirsar?

Many peoples had gathered in the fair in connection with theabove. They also visited the stall, various persous had written theiropinions in the register, and all in all, 42 persons had written theiropinions.

2. Campaign for cleansing the Hamirsar

A programme for voluntarily cleansing was held on 2007-2008 in the are as leading from Hotel Lakview to Khengar Baug situated near Hamirsar Shri Bapalalbhai Jadeja, Mayor of Bhuj

Muni. and Shri Kantisen Shroff of Srujan Insti. had joined in that programme and participated in it.

1. Self happiness can only be achived if Hamirsar’s beauty can be maintained. Alongwith the project regarding improvement of the Hamirsar lake, a programme offering self labour was organized from 16/05/08 to 5/6/2008.

In coordination with the Collector, Kachchh chief office Nagar Seva Sadan, Bhuj-Kachchh Irrigation circle, A.C.T. and HSSS, the said work was organized. Guideline was prepared in connection with the said programme.

In carrying out the said cleansing movement for Hamirsar lake, it was explained regarding dumping of spreading and dumping of debris at particulars place, place of tree plantation, drinking water facility to be provide by the municipality, also the implements like broom, to be supplied by Bhuj municipality. A meeting was held by Shri Yogeshbhai Jadeja Director of A.C.T. and Shri Tarunkant Chhaya Convenor of HSSS for the success of the said programme. A list of memorandum (yadi) was prepared containing the names of various institutions, voluntary Institutions situated at Bhuj. It was decided to inform them regarding said programme wedded to self-labour. The said work had started from 16-5-2008 and continued for 20 days till

5-6-2008. About 2260 different Institutions covering the govt. officers of the various offices of Dist. Panchayat, workers, office-beares had participated in that self labour campaign.  During the said project, the employee of Dist. Admn., the said project, the employees of Dist. Admn., Nagar Seva Sadan, A.C.T. Institution, HSSS, Forest depott., Irrigation dept., Teachers, Army personnels, Saints, Mahila Mandals, Youth Mandal, Merchant’s Association, Advocates, journalist friends, journalists from Guj.State of state level, Shri Vasanabhai Ahir, M.P. Shri Puspadan Gadhvi , Shri Jivabhai Ahir, president, Dist. Panchayat, Vice-Prez. Girishbhai Chheda, Devraj Gandhvi- Mayor of Municipality and Collector Shri R.R.Varsani, D.D.O. Rajkumar Beniwal, D.S.P. Shri Harkrishna Patel, etc were present.

2. Musical evening celerated on Kachchi Ney year Day ( Ashadhi Beej-day)

In 4-7-2008, a programme of Kachchhi Lok Sangeet was organised  on pensionr’s sitting place known as OTLA- situated quite opposite to Hamirsar lake shore during evening time on the said New year day at the instance of A.C.T., Hamirsar Sneha Samvardhan Samiti, Media cell, Kutch Mahila Vikas Sangatthan and Kutch Sangeet sadhak. Kachchhi artists and village artists had exhibited their music art by playing with jodia pawa, Morjang etc musical instruments the peoples were pleased with their art. Hamirsar area had become heavenly place on the said new year day. The artist named Raja Kara, Dhana Kara, Harji Dosa, Kesha Dana, Kanji Rana, Dhana Kara, Bhura Lala, Dhanbai Gadhavi, Abdul Ismail Jat, Parab Jogi, Dayabhai Maya had participated and exhibited their Lok-Kala art.  In the beginning,  Shri Tarunkantbhai Chhaya Convinor of HSSS had welcomed all who were present in the programme. Mr.Chhaya had highlighted the issue of improvement of Hamirsar lake and apprisel all about it. Ismail Turk, Ismail Mir, Amrut Barot, Devjibhai – of village Dhrab were present Shri Yogesh Jadeja- Director of A.C.T. was also present.   Shri Dhansukhbhai Dholakiya had handled the said programme.  Pritiben Soni and Pratyanj Ajnaria had participated in the said programme. Many people of Bhuj had gathered there in the programme and they had enjoyed it.

3. Children’s drawing & photography competition (on occasion of WORLD HERITAGE WEEK)

The celebrated of world Heritage week is celebrated all over world from 19-11-2008 to 25-11-2008, and similarly, Hamrisar Lake situated at Bhuj also considered as a place of Heritage, and hence, in lieu of the same, a joint meeting was held on 14-11-2008 in “Saughi Dada – Dadi park” at Bhuj under the auspices of A.C.T. and HSSS, and as per the decision taken in that meeting, a programme was planned to be undertaken.  The chief object for organizing the childs Drawing competition was to see that it is in conformation with the main object of Hamirasar and the adorning beauty of this lake reflects in their drawings. The another competition was organised covering both commercial and non-commercial photographs of the photographers, which also reflected the chief object of lake’s beauty showing. The said matter was also published widely in the newspapers covring the Heritage week accordingly.  The said programme was organised near Hamrisar on 23-11-08 to create awareness among future generation. About 520 child students out of 22 primary schools had participated in that Drawing Competition.

It was arragned on pensioner’s otla (sitting place) facing Hamrisar lake.  The photography competition was arranged at Balbhavan- Khengar baug park. All in all 34 photographs taken by 6 photographers were exhibitted  in the said hall befitting Hamirsar heritage. Best photographs were selected in that competition in two parts-one for commercial artist and the other for non-com. Artist. The public who had gathered there had given their opinions for selection.  The judge were Hrialal Balva, Kiran Waghela, Prakash Bhatt and Yogesh Khatri who had rendered their services, while the best photographs were selected by the other judge viz. Dalpatbhai Dhanitharia, Krupaben Dholakia, Divyaben Vaidhya, Sudhaben Metha, Navin Shah, Vinod Gajjar and Artiben who had rendered their services in the said competition.

The winners of the best photographs were Bharat Gor (Commercial), Manisaba Jadeja (Non-Comml.) and other best photographers were Ranjit Sinh Jadeja, (Comml) and Bipin Soni (Non-comml) declared by public opinions.

A drawing of child’s competition was as under.

Rutwika Rawal, Riddhi Thacker, Khyatish Zala, ranging from Bulmandir to 4th std., and Kajal R.Shah, Chamili S. Mehta, Diya Poda- students of Std.5th to Std. 7th who were declared as prize winners.

Due to the presence of Children’s guardians and other people, the said programme had turned into Mini-fair. Shri Yogesh Jadeja- Director of A.C.T., Shri Tarunkant Chhaya- A.C.T. Team and convenor of HSSS and other members, of Samiti had rendered their services for alround success of the said programme.  A small  gifts were distributed among the children’s who were winners in the competition.

4. Study concerning drinking water

A survey with regard to drinking water was done for Bhuj city.  That the information with regard to wells situated in side the city and outside the walled city – were collected as under :

Total wells=336

Closed wells=21

Wells in existence=315

There are 117 ponds in village Jakhau. TheCollector, Kutch had informed to A.C.T. Director and the convenor of HSSS for carrying out proper actions, hence the information regarding above was also put in action to obtain the information and the said location was visited by way of travelling Jayantibhai Gorasiya had accompanied in the said travel.

A legal study concering other activates done and carried out near Hamirsar lake and roundabout places- was done, and case law of supreme court as well as High Court cases had been studied for determining the various factors affecting on these aspects, wherein Shri K.M. Pandya Principal of Seth D.L.Law College had extended his co-operation and rendered his guidance, and it is in progress. That the information have been collected from the peoples after visiting the spot places.  The committee of A.C.T. and HSSS have shown their activeness for carrying out proper working with regard to Desalsar pond in the line of Hamirsar lake and one study has been activated in that behalf.

Meetings were also organised in past for doing the above activities and for gearing the same.  The said matters were advertised in the local news papers in respect of workings to be done in the sense that the same was popularised among the  people.  In the said awareness programmes, the offices of the State govt., Municipality, Dist. Panchayat etc were also consulted and visited.

There is grim situated in the Urban area for water-scarcity. After studying the water problem faced by Slum areas of Bhuj, it is decided to do working alongwith craft school, Non-govt. organization like Sahjeewan, K.M.V.S. jointly, and the said work has been commenced under Urban Watershed Mangagement in the first phase.  Out of such 6 slum areas, survey of 4 slum areas have been done, since the Institution named Arid Commu. Techno. has to its work for drinking water covering said 6 slum areas.

1. Bal Sammelan On 31st  December, 2009

The ‘’Bal Sammelan” has been organized by “Arid Communities and Technologies” and “Jalstrot Sneh Samvardhan Samiti” at Bhuj-Gujarat on 31ST  December, 2009. The main aim of the event is to create awareness through children on issues related to Urban Environment and degradation process of natural resources. The main target group for awareness was parents of children. On this occasion three programmed were planned i.e. (1) Drama by children (2) Release of awareness calendar and (3) A human chain around Hamirsar lake. Total nine drama were presented by nine schools of the Bhuj city on the theme of water resources urban degradation, Pollution, Plastic problems of the city. The children have presented such dramas in various form such as street play, Bhavai etc. There were 425 students of the school of Bhuj city. The list of the schools is as below:

1. Matruchhaya kanya primary school

2. Anchorwala Sarswatividhyamandir

3. Darbargadh kanya primary school

4. Sheth V.D. primary school

5. Umednagar primary school(school no. 10)

6. Chankay acadamy(Gujarati medium)

7. Chankay acadamy(English medium)

8. Shivnagar primary school(school no. 24)

9. Vaniyawad primary school no. 2

The best three dramas were-

1. Vyatha ek shaherni(Tragedy of city)-Shivnagar primary school(school no. 24)

2. Ek khedutni vaat(A Farmer’s story)-Chankay acadamy(English medium)

3. Pariyavaranni vyatha(Environment Tragedy)-Matruchhaya kanya primary school

Besides these dramas a symbolic human chain was formed around the part of Hamirsar lake with the message of water conservation and protection. On this occasion along with children citizens have taken oath for management and protection of Hamirsar lake and its catchment system.

2. Programme Of Soor-Sangeet At Hamirsar Lake Held On 26th January-2010.

A programme of early morning “Prabhatiya” was held in Khengar park, Bhuj on 26-1-2010. Musical Instruments like Sharnai, Nobat being traditional instrument were played by the expert artists, and after Mangal Vadan, the said programme was started.  Another programme of music was held in the evening hours by Kutch Sangeet Sadhak Saugh. Media cell, Kutch  Mahila Vikas Sangathan,  Saptarang, Sanskruti, Kaladhar- Mumbai, Craft Schools, Khamir, A.C.T. and J.S.S.S. had participated in the said programme. The main object of this programme was for identifying the real artists of Kachchhi music and to provide them common platform for performing their traditional Sangeet art among the people.

3. Competition For The Students Of Std. 8 To Std. 12th In Respect Of Water And Research Work On Water Pollutions

A competition covering various subjects concerning subject of  water and pollution covering seven subjects was organised  for the students of Std. 8 to Std.12th of the various schools. It was competition on research work. 90 students of 4 schools had participated in it.  There best articles were chosen Best ones covering various subjects. Thus, prizes were distributed for 18 Best articles and winners were awarded with prize and certificates. School, teachers, students, representatives of various organizations. Media press, Team of A.C.T. and members of JSS Samiti remained present in that programme.