As discussed previously in vision portion the Hamirsar Awareness A.C.T.ivities has been now focused as Urban Watershed Management. Coming three year for this are considered for demonstration of various activities for decentralized drinking water management, storm water management, groundwater recharge through abandoned bore wells, groundwater studies etc. A comprehensive proposal has also been developed and submitted different organizations i.e. Charity Aid Foundation, Shroff Family Charitable Trust, Arghyam for different components.

In this process A.C.T. individually or in collaborations with CBOs and Bhuj municipality has planned different activities such as Implementation of drinking water schemes, awareness, information dissemination, study research and advocacy.

Drinking Water Schemes: A.C.T. has carried out decentralized drinking water planning for six slum areas of Bhuj City in collaboration with Hunnarashalaa, and Sahjeevan. Each organization is carrying out implementation of these schemes in two slums. In that regards A.C.T. has taken the responsibility of implementation in two slum areas. The hardware activities and partial human resource support for the project is supported by Asian Coalition for Housing Rights. About 1100 families are going to be benefitted with these schemes.

Rain Roof Water Harvesting activities: It is naw very clean that there are several A.C.T.ivities that can be taken up as movement for its demonstration impact. Considering this Jalsrot Sneh Samvardhan Samiti (J.S.S.S.) and A.C.T. has decided to execute R.R.W.H. activities in large scale and for this initiate it with slum area primary government schools. In the first phase survey of 36  schools has held for roof water harvesting possibilities and priorities  for 17 schools are for implementation. A.C.T. along with J.S.S.S. has started execution of Roof Rain Water Harvesting Tank in one school  Shivnagar Primary school (350 children) of slum area at cost of 65,000 Rs. The material cost mainly cement and stones is supported by Shusheel trust, excavation labor has been provided by Municipality and contractors while rest of the cost has been managed through people’s contribution by school and J.S.S.S.

Research and Study

Groundwater Balance Study: Geo-hydrological investigation related to Urban watershed are converged with internship training programmes where with the help of interns last year entire monitoring network has been established and has regularly monitored for pre and post monsoon seasons. The aim of this study is to frame guideline for drinking water source protection within urban areas and to make this a one case example for groundwater management as A.C.T.’s one of the core agenda to work.

Comparative cost benefit Analysis of Drinking Water Sources:  It is decided that roof rain water harvesting can be popularized with builders and contrA.C.T.ors therefore a meeting with some contractors, builders and developers has been organized by A.C.T. and JSSS. It has been strongly felt by them if A.C.T. can held comparative study of cost of drinking water from different sources that can be use full to convince the builder lobby. Based on this recommendation this analytical study is has initiated by organizations. The outcome of the study will be used to lobby for roof rainwater harvesting campaign as well as campus or residential colony areas groundwater recharge.

Awareness activities

The entire Hamirsar awareness project is aimed to build confidence among the citizens for self sustainable domestic water. During this period two main activities such as “Bal Sammelan” and “Research competition for Secondary School level children” have been carried out.