Internship programme for para worker’s capacity building has started from November 2008 with the support of Arghyam trust of Banglore. During this year second batch of internship has completed where six candidates have passted through this training. This year, there were three candidates have been sent by VRTI and one female candidate undergone for the training. Presently last batch of training is going on. Based on last year experiences this year selection procedure has slightly modified i.e. there was an entrance test and interview by panel.  The most important aspects of the last batch is ACT was able to maintain equal ratio of male and female candidates. In present batch there are four girls and 4 boys. However during the course of training one female candidate has left the training.

The evaluation process for training has also become strict this time. There is a monthly evaluation and in each evaluation at least one government person has invited.

Major learning

  • Candidate selection method needs to be improved for both male as well as female candidates. This year there were two female candidates selected without any recommendations. Out of both one has left training half way. However, one candidate has completed the training but does not want to continue with this kind of activity in future because of restriction from her own community and social constrains.
  • Ongoing regular study of the candidate influences the schedules of entire training.
  • Para worker still grasps better than regular technical education.
  • Recommended candidate by NRM experienced organization are also performing sincerely
  • Needs to change curriculum in more organized way.
    • It requires some modules of proper orientation of such activity
    • Needs to introduce special modules on social aspects like Gender sensitivity, equity, leadership, caste and economic dynamics.
    • Survey skill enhancement method needs to be modified and requires special efforts to incorporate within training instead of engaging interns to any project of the organization.
    • Constant presence of full time training coordinator and assistant.
    • Monthly Evaluation is must