Arid Communities and Technologies
  • Talav Parikrama
  • Vision Building Exercise
  • Revitalizing of Rainfed Agriculture (RRA) Field Visit
  • PGWM Program Training
  • Kamagona pilot - Meeting with villagers
  • Well inventory training by Para Geo Hydrologists
  • PGWM Program State Level Workshop

Our Mission

Strenghthen livelihoods of communities in arid and semi-arid regions by resolving ecological constraints through provision or facilitation and access to technologies, endangering technologies and institutional solution in collaboration with communities.

Scope of Work

  • Extend technical support to individuals, institutions and communities in the field of Natural Resources Management.
  • Undertaking pioneering projects in collaboration with communities to generate action-research and technological solutions for strengthening livelihoods.
  • Extend technical support to individuals, institutions & communities in field of Natural Resources Management.
  • Undertake implementation of innovative and novel projects like Innovative entrepreneurial solutions to deal with all over growth of Prosopis juliflora, marketing of organic products for organic farming communities, networks or associations etc.
  • Build a knowledge-base of solutions for arid regions, especially of Kachchh. This will be done by augmenting A.C.T.'s own experiences of implementation of projects and making this knowledge accessible to target groups. The creation and development of the knowledge-base is sought to be a continuous process and will be achieved through various strategies like computerized databases, publications etc.
  • Specialize in creation and development of GIS database of natural resources and associated knowledge systems of Kachchh and other parts of Gujarat.
  • Mobilize financial resources through developing proposals for grants, providing consultancy activities, sale of publications, organizing training activities and accessing donations.

Our Focus Area

Ground Water Management and Costal Salinity Ingress

Geo-hydrologically, Gujarat has all the dominant aquifer rock formations of the country- sandstone, basalt and alluvium. Specifically, hard or consolidated rocks including basalts, granites, gneiss; semi consolidated rocks of sandstone, limestone, milliolite


Urban Watershed Management

As discussed previously in vision portion the Hamirsar Awareness activities has been now focused as Urban Watershed Management. Coming three year for this are considered for demonstration of various activities for decentralized drinking


Training and Capacity Building

ACT's para water engineer training programme is designed in such a way so that capacity of a para worker will improve stage wise. Last stage of the capacity building is focused much on perfect knowledge on geo-hydrological aspects and management of water resource